Theme Of Love In Frankenstein

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The need and mutual respect for love and companionship is what truly makes one human. In the book Frankenstein it is seen from the first time Victor brings his monster to life that he has no compassion or attachment towards him. In fact, he abandons him out of fear. Throughout the story the monster feels a lack of affection, not only from Victor but from the other people he meets and wants to make friends with, leaving him in misery. Due to persistent abandonment and apathy, the monster sought out revenge and committed treacherous acts of violence. In the world today, similar occurrences happen where people are deprived of love and affection causing them to lash out and act violently. However, when there is love and companionship in one’s life…show more content…
Mr. Ballen explains that it is due to a difficult life at home ,and an abusive father that led Ammad to where he is now. Ballen says “ ‘Yet with his father he had a lot of difficulty. In fact, he had one incident where his father hit him, and he felt that because his father hit him, he was going to hell. This drove him into the behavior and this drove him towards - ultimately towards religion, because he wanted to redeem himself, and in essence he wanted to find his father 's love.’ “(Ballen). Davies asks why this would affect Ammad in such a way and then explains that is because of their culture. “‘ that belief system, a father 's approval is the most important fact of your life. Your being revolves around it. And so for him to think that his father hated him or didn 't approve of him made him think he was going to hell, and hell to him was a very literal place...So the idea of going to jihad to redeem himself, to find his father 's love, if you will, was a very powerful motivation.’” What Mr. Ballen is saying is that, because of this abuse from his father, Ammad felt he had to get his father’s love in any way possible, and in his culture the approval from one’s father is extremely crucial to having a good life. But because of these beatings, he turned to religion to find that love that he never got from his father. This relates back to Frankenstein’s monster who only wanted love from his creator, his master. The monster even said he was “his Adam” referring to the fact that Victor created him and it was his duty to provide from him, whether it be food or clothes, or a fatherly figure to guide him in
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