Power Of Animals In James Welch's Fools Crow

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In the novel “Fools Crow,” James Welch, the author, expounded on the connections between animals and the Pikunis, a tribe of the Blackfoot people. The Pikunis considered the animals as their helpers and believed in partnering up with the animals (one animal per a Pikuni) to garner up their powers and yield to their calling of help in time of these animals’ needs. The Pikunis believed the animals to be their “Animal helpers” since, they had helped this indigenous group of people during wars and crisis by equipping the Pikunis with their powers. Through the use of magic realism, Welch showed the relationship between White Man’s Dog, the protagonist who was later known as Fools Crow, and his animal helper, the wolverine and the benefits of this…show more content…
That is the benefits he got from these powers he acquired in these mutualism relationship. Mostly, the powers gave him strength and courage. For instance, at the raid against Bull Shield’s village (Bull Shield was the that almost killed Yellow Kidney, Fools Crow’s father-in-law and the Lone Eaters, Fools Crow’s tribe had attacked the village to avenge Yellow Kidney), Fools Crow had sung “his Wolverine power song and had tied a small pouch containing the white stone around his neck” (147). This was to ensure victory at war for him and his tribe and even though he had almost not succeeded, he had found strength from the wolverine’s power to take down the enemy which had earned him the name Fools Crow. After the raid, he had also given thanks to the Wolverine for giving him a light “war wound” (150) which was indeed an honor back then. Through the strength given to him by the Wolverine for the attack on the Crows, Fools Crow earned honor and respect from his tribe members. He was looked upon during meetings and his words were taken at an important level. Fools Crow was no longer known as the dog lover and now young men looked up to him as their role model. Even his younger brother, Running Fisher, who had been the man back then when Fools Crow was timid was now jealous of his achievements and possessions now seeing his as puny in comparison to his older
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