Comparing The Little Mermaid And Mulan

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Disney’s villain of destruction Did you know ? It took 700 animators, artists, and technicians to complete the movie Mulan. The Little Mermaid and Mulan are examples of two Disney movies. They both have villains, but Shan Yu is more evil than Ursula , because he is merciless, he is obsessed by power and he is ruthless. The Movie Mulan was released on 19 June 1998 in Canada and The Little Mermaid was released November 17, 1989 in Canada and they both have villains. They both want to conquer over a piece of land, but Shan Yu is merciless. he is obsessed with power and he is ruthless, but on the other side, it’s Ursula, who gives chances to Ariel to become human which…show more content…
Like when is said “let’s go back to the village to return the doll to it's owner” He goes back to burn the whole village down. And in the starting of the movie he attacks The Great Wall of China and kills a lot of people in the Chinese army. He also tried to kill the emperor of China. Ursula just spies on Ariel at the beginning and does nothing and she makes bad decisions, like helping Ariel by turning into a human, if she gets a kiss from Prince Eric. She can be a human forever. This will increase her chances to lose and fail to rule the Sea . Shan Yu is obsessed with power because he wants total control Shan Yu is trying to conquer over a piece of land he wants the power really bad, no matter what he will not at any chances. He tries to kill the emperor. He wants to rule china no matter what he will do anything for it. He has done many things, but he doesn’t regret any no matter how bad the things he hasn't done, after burning down the whole village he also survives the rocks of snow falling from the mountain. He even disguises himself into a dragon costume to go to the palace to kill the
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