My 4-H. Goat Short Story

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Countless responsibilities you take on in life are alarming, but in my opinion, they always make you stronger. One of the responsibilities I had to conquer was taking care of my 4-H goat, Clover. What I didn't realize, was that it was more challenging than I expected. I, also, did not conclude that even though it was chaotic and exhausting, it made me better with animals, and now I can spend more time with them and be careful around them. I feel that this experience changed me for the better. When my mom asked me to take care of my 4-H goat, Clover by myself one day, I told her I would. I mainly did it to help out; it was the least I could do. I was thrilled about taking on a new responsibility and her trusting me with it, but I was also nervous that something may go wrong. However, that Saturday morning when I walked up to the pen, I knew it was a mistake. I wasn't excited at all anymore. The pen was covered in dirt, hay, and poop. This was typical, it was always dirty, and reeking with the smell, but my mother normally helped me wash it out and clean it. I knew already that it would be a dreadful task. Of course, that day I had to walk my goat. It could not be too hard, right? Just go get the halter, put it on, and walk him. Well, it seems like that, and that is what I thought, but that is the total opposite.…show more content…
I was covered in dirt, mud, and grass. When my mom asked me how it went and what happened, I thought about lying to her. Of course, my conscience got the best of me. I explained to her what happened. She was not angry, but she was upset that I had to go through all that trouble. Over the next few days, my mother came with me and showed me how to do everything, step by step. After a few days, she just watched me do it. She was proud of how far I had come. Finally, I was able to do it all by myself. She let me go and I began to go and do Clover by myself. Eventually, I got everything running
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