Short Essay On Academic Achievement

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My academic achievements mostly result from my great ambition to strive for bigger and better things. I have received a 4.0 GPA (Principal 's Honor Roll) so far in 8th grade, and I am ofcourse working even harder to regain them once again for the 3rd quarter and for the rest of my schooling. I have also just won 2nd place in the Ramstein Middle School Scripps Spelling Bee thanks to my constant studying and refusal to give up. Other academic achievements of mine include those of musical background. These include making it into Advanced, Jazz, and Honor band due to my great interest in musical/instrumental activities. Overall I am proud of my academic achievements that I have gained over the course of my 8th grade year. I owe not only to myself but to my friends, family, and ofcourse my teachers and mentors to my achievements educational wise. Leadership is something I take pride in. The thought of having others depend on you is not only an honor but a task that requires skill and dedication. Although it’s the past, I still like to refer to my school election as one great leadership achievement. Successfully…show more content…
Helping the community can make someone a better person, as it can raise awareness to issues that some overlook. Community services that I have contributed to is one that is quite common, a car wash. This was in my elementary year and was to raise money for those who needed it most, such as charities. I currently support charities through band concerts as well. I have also, when living in Japan, supported a nearby orphanage where we supplied food and christmas presents for the children there. This was by far my favorite community service event that I participated in. In raising all this money and supporting others, I have felt quite prideful in myself and those who have helped along the way with such services for our communities, whether it be where you currently are or somewhere
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