Personal Narrative: Presentation Techniques And Diversity

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I have failed to meet the academic satisfactory in two of my online classes this past fall semester. Those two courses were Presentation Techniques and Diversity and Society. The reason for that is because early this semester I found out my grandfather who I have relied on my entire life is diagnosed with throat cancer. As I was beginning to think I was going to have a clear head to prove myself this fall semester, my families unfortunate circumstances had taken my position of my academic approach.
I live under the roof of my grandparents home for the past twenty years of my life. Grasping the fact you can imagine my position and how much it has affected me mentally and emotionally. I would take my grandpa to radiation therapy three days out
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I was the one who needed and wanted to go with him for moral support. This also meant understanding what the necessities were to help him recover. My position during these appointments were to serve as a translator for my grandfather since he speaks little to no english, as well as to provide him with support. Throughout the past semester, I have tried to communicate with my online professors numerous times about assignments and my situation. When communicating with them they came across very firm and irritated when I asked for help, or what I did wrong/needed to fix with certain assignments or assignments going forward. Along with explaining my situation to them, they were not very understanding, or give the ideas to care/make compromises with me. Quickly, I realized that online classes weren’t the right fit for me.This realization was due to the lack of communication/very delayed communication as well as the lack of help when I asked for it. Considering the frustration and stress of trying to complete my online and in seat assignments, my responsibilities to my family; when session two began I was overwhelmed with tasks and responsibility. Just before session two classes began was when my grandfather was told that he needed to start his three week radiation treatment process. With everything that I had been committed to and had responsibilities for, this was when I began to be completely overwhelmed and…show more content…
I know I can excelle and gain success with the help from tutoring, which I have used to my advantage in other courses this past semester. I have and continue to ask former teammates/classmates for help inside and outside of school as well. With winter semester approaching, I have decided that I am going to take all inseat classes or if needed to take online courses if that is the only option. I learned that seven weeks wasn 't enough time for me to understand and comprehend the material necessary to obtain success in the class. I also learned that it is not enough time for me to complete assignments on time in a way that I would be proud of the work that I have submitted. Despite my situation I completed all assignments in my online classes in which some did receive credit for accuracy/completion. Unfortunately, some were not accepted as late work or awarded any credit at all. I proved that I can complete all assignments and ensure that what I am submitting is carefully thought out, and of the highest quality that I am capable. My issue this past semester was the lack of time to complete assignments, and meeting the requirements of due dates; due to my grandfather 's circumstances and his everyday needs. Without any existential circumstances I would have been better able to complete all assignments in a more timely fashion. For this coming semester my grandfather 's
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