My Adventure Story: The Story Of My Life

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I am a constellation. All of my stars shimmer beautifully; all my sad and happy experiences that I have undergone are their fuel. In the diverse yet dark canvas of the universe, my stars shape my true image. An image that defines who I am. An image of fierce flaws and passionate perfections. A constellation. Among all of these sad and happy experiences that fuel me, one beyond doubt stands out to me. For if it weren’t for this experience I would have never discovered my career. This experience is much more than the fuel that moves me forward, it forged a fire that burns devotedly in the very center of my soul. This experience is the start of my adventure novel. The first chapter began three years ago... It was a warm September morning, and it was time for second period. The bell rang; its deafening screams echoing into every classroom at Rincon Vista Middle School. I grabbed my heavy backpack off the navy-blue carpet and rushed out of my homebase classroom. The halls were overflowing with chattering teenagers hurrying towards their second period classes. It was a short walk to my social studies class. My eyes hunted for Camille’s golden hair as I stood at the back of the line. There she was. I shuffled from my place in line and stood behind her. “Hey,” I greeted her. She turned around, “Hey, Aya.” she said. Before we could exchange any more words, Dr. Shaw opened the blue door. As usual, her brown hair was styled up and her warm-brown eyes were alive with an
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