Adversity Is Important To Me Essay

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Throughout my life, I have faced adversity everywhere I go, no matter what I do. So when people tell me that they have had a rough day, my favorite thing to tell them is, “Remember that adversity builds a man.” This philosophy has carried me a long way, and most importantly has allowed me to grow into the individual I am today. One of my biggest personal accomplishments, which was being able to play college baseball, was spurred on because an upperclassman told me I would never be good enough to play high school varsity ball. I proceeded by taking that player’s starting job the next year.
Even though sports taught me many things, it was academics that I truly excelled in. Even in sports, my main use was my mind, as coaches selected me to learn complex positions that required proper execution, or they gave me material to mesmerize on the fly. It was never my dream to play baseball forever although, besides it was one of my worst sports growing up, but it was the diverse skills needed that made me love the sport. This was not all either, while in high school I developed a habit early and often in taking the hardest classes available, especially if they were college courses,
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I believe in an alternate life I would have strived to become a doctor or a chiropractor or something fun with the human body. Honestly, I just wanted to study science and discover about the natural world, or be able to diagnose myself. That all was fine and dandy, but somewhere along the way of my baseball clock winding down, and the realization that a business degree was something I never really wanted, or honestly really even needed, I knew something needed to change. The fall of 2014 was my last semester as a baseball player and was my inoculation into a scientific interest that would carry me into
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