My African American Informative Speech

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“Class we have a new student here, joining us today,” said my teacher. My mouth dropped open as I saw her walk in the room. Not only was she African American, but she also only had one arm. A hundred things ran across my mind that could have happen to that child. Mrs.Lucy, our teacher babied her all day long and she got all the attention from everyone. Mrs.Lucy asked about her life story. Alisha began “ Recently my parents have died from fighting in a war in Africa, I live with my older brother Tim. I lost my arm from a bomb shooting across the sky in the direction of our house and blew my house up and my left arm.” All the kids were silent and didn't say a word. Everyone felt so bad for her, as for me i did not care that much.
Alisha used to live in Africa
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As i got the ball i ran as fast as i could to make the first basket of the game. I drove in with my tough firm face on and scored the point. The points kept going back and forth, i could tell already that this was going to be a close game. The score was 16-18 we were down. There was only two minutes until halftime. The other team stole the ball from one of our teammates and scored a last second shot on the buzzer. The score was 16-20. Coach was rushing his words and thoughts and trying to tell us what to do so that we could win this game. Half time was over. We ran out and started the second half. We needed some points and we needed them fast. We passed the ball around the perimeter we made sure to hang on to the ball so the other team could not get it. Jenna passed me the ball as i shot an outside shot and made it. The score was 18-20. As the game kept going on both teams scored after another all through out the third quarter and half of the fourth quarter. The clock was at three minutes with the score of 22-22. Our team picked up the defense a little more and we made sure that they did not score the
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