My Ambition In My Life

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Life is not a dress rehearsal, and I want to make sure I do my best before I exit the stage. I come from the world of challenges, learning and growing. Experiences of life in a middle class family have acquainted me with toil, diligence, tussle, and pursuit of goals as a part and parcel of my life. In my formative years, I developed a passionate inquisitiveness and appetite for knowledge. I developed a strong curiosity to explore the mystical gears and shafts that ran the universe. I am glad that these qualities that I developed as a child have now become an essentially inseparable part of me. On the whole, my life has been a roller-coaster ride, and every person and event in my life has shaped my ambition in unique ways. Firstly, my earlier school life played a major role in setting my attitude. Scoring a 72% on my final math exam in 3rd grade deeply disturbed me—I was furious, melancholy, and confused at the same time. This failure kindled a blazing fire deep inside to do better in the following exams. Consequently I doubled my practice and cut down on recreation to ultimately score perfect 100% in the remaining final exams. This was my first encounter with success. Each successful exam left me gratified, zealous, and positively energized. I began developing a compelling ardour to outdo my previous performance, be it academic or non-academic, and this driving force never devitalized. Later on, my sports teacher influenced me to learn the martial art form of karate. In this
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