My American Dream: An Education

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Chavez, Carlos. "My American Dream: An Education." Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-Education. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 15 Oct. 2015. Print. As a minority student, the author provides a first hand experience in the education system and its barrier. Many minority students have the hope to complete their American Dream throughout their success in education. The author is one of the many students who have this hope and cannot achieve it because the education system in the nation is broken down. This source underlines the importance of overcoming the barriers they might face in the system. Also, this source amplifies my argument in the essay with the first hand experience of a minority student and the barriers he had to face during the years…show more content…
The Latino Education Crisis: The Consequences of Failed Social Policies. Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2009. Print. The author implies how the American schools are going into a storm and not doing their job. The book carries a call to action to all the people who are involved in the planning the future of American schools. Both authors are professors of education in different boarder points. The text affirms everything the educational system in the United States is leaving to desired when it comes to help fulfill the American Dream of Latinos and other minorities. This source fortifies my argument throughout the essay with the real life experience of students, research and statists, and the things a minority student has to experience. The time the book is released links a major trouble happening in the 21st century in the nation. Even thought we as a society have a bigger open mind for the different cultures, then years prior to the 21st…show more content…
Moore, III, and Antoinette H. Miranda. "In Their Own Words: Perceived Barriers to Achievement by African American and Latino High School Students." American Secondary Education 43.3 (2015): 36-59. Print. As psychology and sociology professors all three of them, provides a study where they explore the factors that Africans Americans and Latinos students have as barriers in their education. By providing an introduction to the factors presented, it evokes that the system of education is failing to fulfill their purpose. As well, it proclaims that the factors the minorities face and explains how these barriers affects the students. This article is most useful source in the essay because it guides to become the argument that the education system in not working with minority students because of the barriers they are faced with. The time that this article is released, complements the actual experience of minority students in this century and this
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