Essay On My American Dream

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My American Dream
For over 200 years, people have been coming to the U.S. looking for a better life and a better opportunity to accomplish their dreams. The American Dream is to become a fighter, to overcome obstacles, and to be focused. The American Dream is different for everyone, for someone like David Ortiz, David’s dream was to represent his nation for the whole world to see but mainly in America and Dominican Republic to show his family his success, which was to become a professional baseball player. David Ortiz might not grow up in the richest part of the Dominican Republic, but he got to the place that he is now because of his effort, and because he worked for it he achieved his dream. Today David Ortiz is known as “Big Papi” because he is big in his career. For me someone who had lived and achieved the American Dream is my paternal aunt, Danilda Adams, who from when she was little she was a hard worker. When she came here she was 27, her dream was to always be someone, and to own her own things, so she could see herself as an independent and successful woman. Knowing all of experience and dreams, she always tells me to move forward, and seeing her achieving her dreams, encourage me to not stop, but to keep fighting for my dreams. My American Dream is to become more successful everyday, to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business
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My American Dream is to become a professional, to have a really good and big house, to own a Cadillac car, to married, to have a blessed and happy family. In two years I am going to keep working for my dreams, I should be already in college, giving and trying the best in everything that I do. In five years I will almost or already graduate from Bachelor’s degree, I will start working my profession and getting money, but always in a good position. I will know that I reached my dreams, when I could see my house, my husband, my children, my cars, and my

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