My American History Essay

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When we think of American history, most of us will think of one word. Boring. A class that we’re all required to take in our junior year of high school, that we don’t even want to be in. However, American history is much more than that. History is not just old men in powdered wigs, writing various documents that led to the construction of this nation. History is a vast and detailed lesson, to all of society, about this nation’s wrong doings, and what we’ve done right. Most of America feels that our past, that our history, has very little bearing on today’s society. That what happened 200 years ago, does not, and will not, affect anything. They would be wrong. Decisions made 200 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, and even today are shaping and defining what America is, and where we stand in this world. Today, many of us are still learning from the past. From the horrendous shadows of war, to the grim reminder of…show more content…
Have we learned nothing from the past? The answer is simple. We haven’t. Hate has existed and continues to exist. There was no period where it stopped, just a period where it was ignored. Now we have ignored it to the point to where it is what we see on our TV’s today. An evil hate for the humans and the people around us, who do nothing wrong. Who are hated without reason. This question should not be have we learned, or even are we learning, but can we learn? It is human nature to hate what is not natural to you. However, hate is usually taught, as we are all taught what is supposed to be natural. We all have, what we call, a normal. Hate comes about when multiple normals exist together, and rather than accepting different normals, they persecute other normals, that are different from their own. This is because they are taught that anything outside of their normal is wrong. This includes but, of course, is not limited to, the cultures, ethnicities, and skin colors that oppose those who judge
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