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My Apollonian response is that there are many people in the roads. There are also many cars in the road. Both the cars and the people are trying to go the same way. Many of the people are carrying as bags and shoes. The road that the cars and people are traveling on is surrounded by trees on both sides. There are also a few light poles near the road, along with telephone poles near the trees. There is a fence in front of two buildings with something leaning against it. In front of the building there is a place for a sign. One of the buildings has a door open. Towards the back of the road, there are multiple cars on the side of the road that are facing different directions. There are more men walking in the road than there are women. Some of the men have on rain coats or ponchos. Other people that do not have on rain coats, but are wearing hats and jackets with their hoods up to cover…show more content…
The road looks wet and people are wearing rain coats and ponchos to probably protect themselves from the rain. People could be leaving town because a bad storm is coming. There seems to be a lot more men in the streets and in the cars than there are women. Most of the cars and people walking in the streets seem to all be going in the same direction. There are some cars at the front of the road that are going the opposite direction of the other cars, possibly because they were abandoned. On the back of the road there seems to be a lot of chaos. There are cars on the side of the road. The cars seem to have been abandoned It looks like it could be daytime there. Many of the people walking in the road seem to be carrying things like bags and shoes. It looks like there is a person coming out of one of the buildings on the side of the road. There is a boat leaning against the fence, in front of the two houses. There is a sign near the boat. Many of the cars are being driven by men and they seem to be alone in the

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