My Arena Research Paper

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My Arena

The Arena is a place where people thrive and excel in what they do and work hard at. The Arena is where people are ecstatic and excited to go to when they have time and what gives them passion to achieve greatness. My Arena is when I am at the golf course hitting balls a mile and draining putts like no other. I like to go to the golf course anytime I have a chance to get better and grind out those long practice sessions in order to compete at a high level. Golf gives me dedication to work hard in school so when the day ends I can go to my Arena and enjoy what I love to do.

The Arena is a place where success and failure are apart of the game and how a person gets better in times of challenges. When I am at the course, success
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When I get defeated in an tournament or match, I am not joyful but I do not

get too hard on myself because getting mad is not going to make me better but I have the discipline to keep practicing and grinding even harder to win that match or tournament. I gain a lot from golf including confidence that I can actually compete at a high school level and I get to meet some amazing teammates and coaches to help me achieve my goals. My arena takes me to a different place outside of school where I can enjoy myself and get away from all the hard-work school gives me. If I was guaranteed not to fail, the at first it would be great because I would defeat everybody but then I would realize that there is no challenge and no fun playing the game

Golf is a great arena because it gives me a different goal outside of school and at home because I can play a game where I can get better and achieve goals in order to succeed. Golf is that 2-3 hours a day where I cannot wait to get to the course and play and practice with some of my best friends and have a great time. Golf is not always fun while I am failing but the feeling of succeeding in my Arena is a feeling like no

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