My Arrival In Paris Analysis

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The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas is a non-fictional novel written by Gertrude Stein that is narrated by Alice B. Toklas. Alice B. Toklas is Gertrude Stein’s lover for life. The book starts off as Alice talking about her life before she leaves for Paris and the reasons she leaves San Francisco leading her right into Gertrude Stein’s life. In the next section, Alice talks about her arrival in Paris and the introduction between her and Gertrude Stein. Alice talks about Stein’s home and dinner parties, and all the amazing new people she meets with the help of Gertrude Stein. Gertrude Stein changes things up in chapter three by writing about her own life through Alice B. Toklas. Alice was not in Gertrude Stein’s life yet making for an interesting…show more content…
The now infamously famous portrait by Picasso was not appreciated by anyone at the time except by Picasso himself. Alice describes Gertrude Stein’s home; at 27 rue de Fleurus, of two stories with a pavilion and four bedrooms. In the year 1914, Stein added a hallway to the pavilion where guest either rang the doorbell of the pavilion or knocked on the door of the hallway, but Alice was allowed to do both. On Saturday evenings at Gertrude Stein’s home, everyone was invited to dinner cooked by Helene and everyone who was invited went to Stein’s dinner, Alice included. Helene was one of the best maids of that day and made it a requirement of all cooks to be able to cook the perfect soufflé. To Helene, she respected every guest of Gertrude Stein’s except for those who were French. If the guest were French then Helene would prepare a less demanding meal for the guest. By the year 1913, Helene resigned from her job with Gertrude Stein at the request of her husband. Life after leaving Gertrude Steins rue de Fleurus home was never as
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