My Astrology Signs

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Astrology signs can be so fascinating. Knowing how something like your birthday can tell so much about you. Many people, like me, don 't like to believe in this, but at times it can be true. Astrology signs are based on the constellation of the stars that occurred on the day you were born. The day I was born, the constellation looked like an arrow meaning my astrology sign is sagittarius. Sagittarius tend to be generous, idealistic, and have great sense of humor. There weaknesses are that they promise more than they can deliver, and are very impatient. There likes include freedom, travel, philosophy, and being outdoors. And they dislike clingy people, and being constrained. There choice of colors are violet, purple, red ,pink. I disagree with most of these facts since i 'm complete opposite of some of them.…show more content…
Facts such as traveling, and promising more than I can deliver. I usually don 't like to travel but instead stay in my comfort zone. And I don 't make promises that I know I wouldn 't be able to keep. I also don 't like bright colors, such as purple, red, and pink which are apparently supposed to be my favorite colors according to my sign .The other reason why I believe astrology might be fake, is cause many of these facts are similar with other astrology signs. But there are some facts that make me believe that astrology signs might be true. Facts such as I like philosophy and liking to be outdoors. I am usually always outside playing basketball with my friends or going out to eat with them.And I enjoy philosophy since I like to question things and find out things that can 't be explained. I didn 't know anything about my astrology sign until today. Overall I feel like astrology sign can be real at times but i 'm on the stronger side of them
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