My Autobiography Of My Life

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Throughout my life, I have learned to be independent, diligent and passionate. I was born in Taiwan on October 2nd, 1999. I moved to New Hampshire with my parents shortly after I turned three years old; although, I have little recollections of living there. A year later, I moved back to Taiwan with my mother while my father stayed in New Hampshire to work so he could provide for the family. My mother has always stressed the importance of dedication and hard work. My family and the people that I have encountered have contributed greatly to my life. I want to take what I’ve learned and apply everything to my everyday life for the betterment of my future. The earliest memory of significance during my childhood was going through my parents’ divorce. It was the beginning of first grade and looking back, I had absolutely no idea what was going on when my parents sat down to sign legal documents with a divorce lawyer. I remember seeing my father cry for the first time and I was completely overwhelmed with confusion. I was only six years old and the sight of my heartbroken father shattered my little heart into a million pieces. That was when I learned to be strong and brave so that my father could have an easier time moving on. I knew very little English when I moved to the States in second grade, so I was enrolled in an ESL program at a local public elementary school in Boston. It was very difficult to make new friends in the beginning because of communication problems, but

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