My BSN-MSN Personal Statement

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An advanced degree is a potent symbol of commitment. The pursuit of college education requires the ability to explore ambiguities, to research and to defend positions on a variety of subjects and to express this information cogently. Each course of study mandates completion of peripheral learning activities necessary for comprehensive education. This type of learning is possible to attain independently. What distinguishes formal education is the opportunity for feedback and guidance from fellow students and professors who value learning for its own sake, rather than an adjunct to a particular trade. I love learning, exploring new subjects and refining my skills. To fully utilize formal education, intellectual curiosity is paramount.…show more content…
A bachelor’s degree provides the requisite skills necessary for advanced research. Completing the mandatory core courses facilitates exposure to a variety of subjects, allowing the learner to determine how to proceed. The BSN-MSN program enables a transition of study from general to specific, providing a struture for future areas of focus.

I have always been a passionate learner, resisting attempts to confine my interests. While this may serve me well at cocktail parties, it stymies attempts to excel in one field. I believe it is time to pursue my career with the energy that I have traditionally reserved for independent inquiry. My degree will signify that finally, I have found the discipline and dedication to validate my self-study by subjecting myself to the scrutiny of
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