I Pursue My Bachelor's Degree In Nursing

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That’s where I understood why we all spoke different mother tongues differing from the others. I have always wished to accomplish my Bachelor’s degree in nursing by the end of this year in December 2018. I have been working so much and concentrated all my attention, now since this is the final year of my studies at the university. The feeling of accomplishing my degree comforts me the most since I know that I will be working as a nurse helping people in the areas that I will get a job. Finishing of my nursing degree is an indication of moving to a different professional level in life, and more so, it means that I will acquire my dream job. With my degree in nursing, I will try to accomplish all the dreams that I ever had when I volunteered in Kampala hospital. Taking care for the old people will be my main aim and I intend to with everyone. I was brought up in a Christian family, and my parents are Catholics. My…show more content…
Struggling to make things go straight was not easy for me as I had no friend to guide me through the town and to school. Being new in the city came with negative things such as boredom at school, and as such, I remained silent most of the times when there were no lectures. I remember I was mocked by one of the students in our class and this lowered my self-esteem since I did not understand why she looked at me and started laughing. This moment seemed to be the most harmful experience of my life since I dislike people who mock me. I have had positive experiences in life, but the most impactful in my life is when I started working as a nursing assistant and home health aide in a health care facility. I performed different tasks which have made me understand how healthcare facilities are managed and how clients are treated. This experience will in future assist me to start my healthcare consultancy which will earn me a good
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