My Beauty Of The Natural World

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Nature has always been close to my heart. For a long time, I was not aware of my passions dealing with the beauty of the natural world. I believe my admiration began at a very young age. However, it was not until my senior year of highschool that I truly realized my passions. Due to all of these stimuli and events adding up over the years, it shaped my personal world views of nature. I believe that the natural world is precious. Pretty much everything in it is a living thing. Whether that be an animal, a plant, some fungi or bacteria in the soil, everything is important. Any single thing in the environment is almost definitely dependant on some other living thing as well. This is why protecting the environment is so important to me. If one thing is lost or replaced, it may hinder the survival of another. I believe that people should take in the beauty of the natural world, rather than taking it for granted. This way of thinking shows a deep ecology view of nature. One of my earliest memories I can think of was an assignment I had for preschool or kindergarten. We were instructed to go outside with our parents and find various things for a scavenger hunt. Some of the items included a flower and a pinecone. This is one of my few memories from this time period because I remembered how much I enjoyed doing this. Also during this time period, my parents would sometimes take me for a walk outside. This did not happen too often. However, I remember always being ecstatic, taking

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