My Beloved World Analysis

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My Beloved World is a biography about a young girl who overcomes great adversities throughout her life and is now a sitting federal judge at the supreme court. Sonia Sotomayor had to work twice as hard for everything that she had, because she was convinced most of her life that she was not good enough. But her intellect, discipline, and determination are what makes her story so unique and relatable to most. In the book she talks a lot about her family, and how they play a big role on who she is as a judge. Therefore, this paper will be looking at the relevant contexts that makes her story so unique, it will also analyze her needs, wants, values, and her decision-making process, and lastly it will reflect on how those values have evolved as she grew older.
Relevant Context Ms. Sotomayor was born in the mid-1950s to an immigrant mother who had just moved to New York from Puerto Rico and had joined the Women’s Army Corp where, “over twenty thousand Puerto Rican men had already served in the US armed forces before the women were included (73).” And it was in New York that Celina (Sonia’s mother) met Sonia’s dad and got married. Sadly, when Sonia was 9 years old, her died of tuberculosis. This was the turning point for Sonia’s entire life. Because when Sonia was young, a lot happened; historically, President
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That is why her accomplishments were celebrated way beyond Bronxdale. In the book, families of immigrants stayed as outsiders and would welcome other outsiders into their society. A good example was the Puerto Ricans who lived in the Bronx. It was difficult for Puerto Ricans to assimilate or engage with others outside their society. Therefore, they kept their families in ghettos and fewer people like Celina would try to learn English by going back to
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