My Best Birthday Party

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Let me take you back to the best birthday party of my life. The civil war birthday. It was three days before my favorite movie came out. But I didn 't know that yet. My party was still unplanned and we were trying to brainstorm what to do. My birthday was six days away I didn 't have a guest list or anything. I was racking my brain about how I wanted to celebrate my birthday I knew I would have to come up with something before it was too late. Then I saw a preview of the movie and I knew it right then and there, I want to do that for my birthday.--My mom knew nothing about it. She said when do you want to do it and I said, the very first day it comes out. She asked me if I was sure because it is going to be pretty packed. For a second I couldn 't tell if it was my mom I was talking to. She said she does not want to waste her money. Especially if I 'm just going to change my mind at the last minute. And I said I am absolutely sure, I want to go the first day it comes out. Well, it was time to go to school. And that meant I had to hand out my invitations. My guest wasn 't that big so it wouldn 't take long. I mean yeah I had a couple people on there. But I had way more invites than I needed. My mom gave them to me just in case I wanted to make it up as I go. I had a lot of people that I was going to give handouts to on my bus. And my bus didn 't exactly have the world 's best bus seats had holes in the seats. You could pull out candy wrappers from the seats.
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