My Best Day

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It was a bright sunny day It was just laying in my bed it wasn 't that comfortable but it fitted my needs.I finally got up to brush my teeth and took a shower to get my wonderful day started.I do my usual thing on the weekend is hang out with my mom in the morning eat breakfast and be on my way.Then I went up to my friends apartment to get him so we can go skateboard.We then proceed to go to the skatepark, i landed this sick trick and it was one of the best day i 've had yet it got even better when my mom picked me and my friend up to go get treats. We Have a really fun time then I went back and hanged out with my brothers matthew and joshua.We had a really fun night I enjoyed hanging out with them them and we all went to go eat dinner.We went to a regular restaurant because we all agreed to it and we all ate and then went back home for rest. When I had woken up I felt like something was different my vision changed I started to see things in black and white, something in my head told me ,”the night before you go to bed sleep around all technology”.I got confused but I did so. It was very early and I did not know what was going on.I tried to see were my whole family went there was no one to be found and all of the windows were open including the door, I was very scared but also calm to find the truth and also my family I walked I threw some clothes on and I went down the street, there was no one to be found the only person I found was my best friend nick and he was
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