My Best Friend Character Analysis

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My Best Friend and His Personality
Chu is my best friend who has been living in Hong Kong. We got known to each other when I was in high school. I have been in touch with him for more than ten years and sometimes go hang out with him when I’m back to Hong Kong. I don’t think he is superior to ordinary people at all, but the friendship between me and him has been much stronger than other friendships that I’ve made in life so far. I conducted an overall analysis on his personality and found out what mainly forms it.
Chu is less stable than normal people, which I assume is a neurotic characteristics in the big five personality traits. When he was attending a university, he was often saying he was busy doing his part time job or studying for an exam. In addition, he appeared stressed out, and was rarely mentioning he felt happy. Currently, I sometimes have a serious conversation with him and criticize what he does, but he seems to dislike to get advice from me. I assume overall, he is more sensitive than the average to things happening in life.
As Chu’s introverted charcteristics in the big five personality traits, he loves playing TV games.
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He smokes a cigarette, and I assume overall, he is less friendly-compliant to other people. Although I have kept in touch with him for a long time, he is not a type of person who is willing to do something cooperatively and together. Even if I persuaded him to play the bass and jam with me, he was not eager for it. He has an injury called hernia to his back, so he can’t maintain a good posture, which sometimes looks like a worm. In high school, he encountered lots of opportunities to be fooled about that unique posture, but still keeps his dogmatic way of living. While high agreeable children who are physically weak or lacked social skills manage to avoid being bullied, he doesn’t care about what others say. This proves that he is less agreeable than the
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