Personal Narrative: The Day I Met My Best Friend

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I met my best friend Oscar about five years ago in summer school when he offered to help with the math I was stuggling with. After hanging out a couple of times, we became inseperable. He is one of the nicest people I know, and would help anyone in need without a second thought or wanting anything in return. He is also a person that doesn 't typically break the rules and is always takes everyone 's feelings into account. This wasn 't the case about a month ago, when he broke a societal norm at an Asia Buffet. Oscar and I were in our last class of the day, which is a Friday evening class. We hadn 't ate a proper meal the entire day and were talking about how hungry we both were. He asked if I wanted to go eat something with him after class and I agreed, but I told him that we would have to stop by my house on the way so I could grab my money since I hadn 't bought any with me. Being the generous person that he is, Oscar insisted on paying for us both. I agreed and promised to pay for our food the next time we went out. After deciding on tacos, we arrived at the stand to find it closed. Dissapointed, we tried deciding on another place to eat. He suggested sushi, and knowing that I don 't like sushi he insisted on going to Asia Buffet, so we could both get what we wanted. I was a bit hesitant knowing that it was expensive on Friday evenings, and he hadn 't received his check from work yet, but he…show more content…
It is customary to leave a tip, and even if you have a bad server, some feel that they should just get less of a tip. Not leaving a tip at all is considered deviant, and rude. He was considered to be out of line, even though it wasn 't entirely his fault. He simply didn 't have enough money, but to the employees he was abberant. This happens in society often when one doesn 't go by the rules. They are often critisezed and jugded for it, which leads to them feeling like an

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