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Every girl has a best friend right? Every female has at least one female friend who she is close with than all her other female friends. Every female has a girlfriend where she can tell everything too and go to for help. Here you’ll read about how Ashley and I meet and how we became best friends. We’ve known each other for many years now. Our families love one another. You will read about how we helped each other. Keep each other focused and motivated.

Amber and I have been friends since Amber was nine and I was eight. We both meet at a Boy’s And Girl’s Club in Dallas, Texas. Amber was older than me, but only by a year. Amber didn 't have much of a personality. And she didn 't get along well with others. I on the other hand had one of those personalities were I got along with just about anybody. I don 't know how we became friends or how we got along? But Amber and I clicked very well together.

Over the years Amber and I were inseparable. We participate in sports together. We even traveled with one another family. Amber and I spent a lot of time in the summer of 2005, well pretty much the whole summer together. By the time school started and I had made it to junior high with Amber, there was no doubt that we were best friends. Even our families were close. Amber would help me with my schoolwork. Amber was a grade above me, so I had it pretty easy knowing I had her help.

Like every friendship Amber and I went through our ups and downs. Although we’re young, Amber

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