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Before I lived in Thailand, I had one best best-friend. We always used to hang out, and we would always fight or argue, but we were still best friends. That day, she was going to leave me without saying anything to me. But I’m glad that she told me the day she had to leave. I waited for her, and my school almost started. I picked up my stuff and got up and she came and grabbed my arm and said, “I am so sorry I have to leave.” First I didn’t believe what she said. And I said okay, “I will wait for you.” It’s been ¾ year now she didn’t get back yet. Without her I really have homesickness, always sad, whenever I think about her and I almost cry. On 2012 I came to the USA. I thought we were going to see each other, but we did not. We don’t live in the same state. But that day was strange day for me. I chatted with her in oovoo and I was wondering, is that you? You change a lot, you don’t look like the old you. That day I had chatted with her and all my happiness came up through my face, it was like night and everything was being bright. After that we didn’t chat for a while. I got a new best-friend. We can’t do anything because we live so far from each other. So we are on our own ways. In the USA, on 2012, was my first year I went to school. In my mind, I thought everything was going to go well. But after that day, bully groups came to me. I was thinking, did I do anything wrong? I don’t know anything. That day I was so lucky. Because that day one of my friends said to me that

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