My Best Friend Essay

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I never thought the words: time, memories, or people were taken for granted. Sometimes memories of her capture my emotions, turning them into a wave of endless thoughts, but most of the time I zone out. February 15, 2014 … 12: 37 PM, sends a chill up my spine, and gives my body numbness with a touch of emotion. I miss going to her house for everything, ( after school, summer vacation, and the holidays), calling her “Gram”, but most importantly my best-friend. Every second in this world, we are given a chance to appreciate one another; but yet it seems we do not realize that until they are gone.
Waking up on February 13, seemed any other normal morning for anyone but this particular morning however a thought lingered in the back of my head “Gram is getting her heart catheterization test today.” Getting ready for school that day was the same as any other day, rushing out the door to catch the bus at my Gram’s house. Luckily she was already at the stop waiting for me with that warm smile that could melt your heart. Gram always had her grey Mickey Mouse jacket on. That morning like all others she gave me the tightest hug, which at the time I didn’t know that would be the last hug I would ever get from her. Everything seemed off that day, looking back, but as always it is the calm before the storm.
School seemed endless that day, knowing I was going to my best-friend’s house afterwards to play since my gram was not going to be home for me to go to her house. After what
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