My Best Friend

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The 2014-2015 school year was something I 'll never forget. I still remember the first day I walked into the band room. I was instantly greeted by everyone. Everyone had a smile on their face and introduced me to everyone else. I was so happy to be welcomed by the entire band. Throughout that whole year, I 've made multiple friends. Some of which I consider today my best friends. Since that first year, I 've definitely grown as a musician. I 've increased my range of notes, learned how to have better control my breathing, learned how to play different styles, learned how to stay in step while marching, and lately I 've been trying to understand music and why it is the way it is. Marching band itself is hard work. People think that marching is the same as walking. Well, it 's not. Marching for a football game or for a parade requires being able to march in step, count, memorize your music, take a certain amount of steps within a certain distance within a certain time frame, and play all your music at once. It definitely made question my dedication and determination a couple times. But, once I performed, I feel like I 've accomplished some sort of lifelong achievement. Concert band is on a completely different level. It 's less chaotic but still equally as moving. I still struggle from going from one key signature to another and from one time signature to another. But I wouldn 't be as good as I am with it now if it hadn 't been from the help of Mr. Rodgers and some of my more
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