My Best Friend

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I met my best friend at seven years old. From our very first moment, we were inseparable. Growing up in two starkly different households- two starkly different lifestyles- didn’t quell the bond we shared, and for years after our first meeting, we remained the best of friends. Our friendship bridged the gap between our parents and as we grew closer together, our families intertwined. Within the span of a year, Berea, my best friend, and I had become beyond inseparable, we had become family. At the young age of eight years old, I had become someone’s family, but unlike the family I was born into, this family was chosen, this family was held not by blood but by the pure resolve to be around each other. For a while, that seemed to be enough. Berea was three years older than me. The age difference didn’t seem like much when we were young children because I had never been much like the children my age when I was young. Something inside me was older, and as such, I didn’t have many friends outside of Berea. Yet, the age difference became more prominent as we grew. The difference between eight and eleven may have been stark, but the difference between fourteen and seventeen seemed impossible. However, Berea and I didn’t believe in ever being seperated. We believed that we were going to be friends for the rest of our lives, and afterall, the experts say that “once you’ve been friends for seven years, you’ll be friends for eternity.” We discovered soon, though, that seven years
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