My Best Friends In My Life

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For preparing my Activity 4, I ask myself what is the important thing for me. When I exclude the tangible things, I find affection, love and friendship are most valuable for me. Everyone has best friends. Maybe you’ve grown up together with them, or maybe you met them at work. Best friends always make you happy when you are sad or make fun times even more fun. So, I decide to talk about the friendship of my life in Activity 4. In my story, I will present my best friends in different periods of life, particularly during the tough time when I moved to the United States. I will explain why I have chosen these to talk in below.
Due to the one-child policy enforced by Chinese government, I was the only child of my parents. Sometimes I felt lonely. But, fortunately, I had some good friends who grown up with me. My parents worked in a state-owned factory, and my friends were children of coworkers of my parents who lived in the same community. We knew each other in the elementary school. We had the same interest in comic books. I still remember that we spent time together reading comic books almost every weekend. After finishing the elementary school, we went to the same middle school and high school. We attended extracurricular activities together and shared funs. We were involved in the happiness and sadness in each other’s life. The friendship in my teenage represented the symmetrical relationship, in which participants mirror or are highly similar with each other (Pearson,
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