My Best Friend's Wedding Analysis

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My Best Friend’s Wedding
Watching movies enables people to release some of the stress they encounter in their day to day lives since it makes them laugh. Movies are a great way of interacting with people because they showcase some of the most captivating moments of life. They make people look at others as role models and help viewers learn some positive lessons about life. Movies also enable people to express roles and emotions that might be difficult to consider. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” portrays all the values of watching movies because it amuses people from ages thirteen and upward. Due to some strong language, viewer discretion is strongly advised. “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is a movie that people should watch because of it features common problems of jealousy, its contemporary and popular music, its convincing modern poetic imagery, and its
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“My Best Friend’s Wedding” is so unpredictable, but properly organized. The movie has been awarded four stars out of five by many viewers.” My Best Friend’s Wedding” ends up with a different couple than people expected. It starts with Michael telling Julianne he is dating and is getting married to Kimmy in four days. Julianne travels for the wedding with the intention of breaking the couple up. Unfortunately for Julianne, her best friend is getting married to the girl of his dreams-Kimmy (Netter, Whitcher & Hogan,1997). This mimics real-life situations. The movie’s ending disappoints the audience because, in their view, they wanted Julianne and Michael to end up together. The director of the movie thought otherwise, which makes the movie so classic. To the viewers, the ending is more of a mixed feeling of love and hate, making the movie a ‘must see’. The movie tells the audience that life is so unfair. So, loving someone does not guarantee a happy ending together. Also, often we do not realize what we have, until some else has

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