Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Holiday To America

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Recently we went on a holiday to America which is quite different if you’re from South Africa. It is definitely one of the most outstanding trips we’ve been on as a family but what made I stand out, what made it the best holiday I’ve ever been on? Well for starters it was the first time my parents had taken us overseas they had been about seven years earlier but now it was with all seven of us. You’re never lonely when you have four siblings there’s always something happening. My mom was worried at the airport that one of us would get lost but for us kids it’s a blast being in a new place, seeing new things and hearing different accents. We met up with my aunt and uncle who had been dying to see us; they had been planning this trip for weeks.…show more content…
After we had toured the support services we went to the dining room for lunch. Once we had finished lunch we went on a tour of the Bible school of Gilead. Jehovah’s witnesses who qualify go for six months of training on how to teach effectively and a thorough study of the Bible. In the classrooms they have ancient manuscripts written on papyrus dating back to the second century B.C.E. On our way out I saw a scale model of Noah’s ark, which just impressed even further what a massive undertaking it was to build an ark. After we had left the classroom we headed for the art department, which is responsible for all the visual aids in our publications and on I thoroughly enjoyed that department because I love photography so seeing all the props and costumes and camera equipment was like heaven for me. The most impressive thing throughout was how happy everyone was despite having no salary. Everyone who works at Bethel is a volunteer so they get the basics food, housing and an allowance for clothing. Every person I spoke to at Bethel said the joy they experience serving Jehovah is worth way more than any
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