Personal Best Leadership Experience Essay

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My personal best leadership experience is one of the most joyful parts of my life as a young man. I love football and it was in the game of football that I got my best leadership experience, being the captain of a football team I played in. The football team was a junior team of a popular football team in Abuja. It is (put football team name) in this team I started out as a substitute for the first team. Making cameo appearances from the bench was not a joy for a football player. At a point I taught of quitting but then again the child inside me wanted me to go on, to fight harder and I did just that. I started putting extra hours in training, watching the senior team play and was very keen on whatever it was my coach had to say. During all…show more content…
We were handed a two-day rest and it was business as usual. We hit the ground running to stay fit and play better. After the first training I was named the captain. I had to give a speech; it was the teams’ tradition and I had not prepared for it. I stood in the centre of the circle everyone was seated on the grass. I turned around looking at each player thinking of what to say. You had to talk in an acceptable manner to everyone so as to get there support and boost the team spirit. I just started talking; “thank you everyone for the performance in our last match. I need more of that in coming matches. In this team we need to interact as teams need that to be better. The coach will stand on the side lines to give out instructions and it is now a task put on the team or the player to carry out the instruction. As the leader on the pitch, the team captain, I have to stand in to make sure everyone carries out those instructions well. And I most do mine better. If we loss we loss as a team and if we win we win as team. We need to perform well to achieve the major aim of winning this trophy. If there in anyone here now that has anything, any suggestion or even advice for me or the team especially should please do so
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