My Best Pecan Fest-Personal Narrative Report

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My best pecan fest was this year when I was in 6th grade. All my friends and I did was ride the zipper until it closed and we were the only once in the cart of the zipper. When I was in the line for the zipper with autumn this people through snap and pops at us and they hurt. When we got on the zipper and it started going they tried to throw it up at us in the zipper cart, and one actually came in our cart put it didn’t pop. When we got off the zipper they were still there and they didn’t through it at us this time because we ran away to a different ride. When we got on the ride we saw an old friend and he had fake money and through it of the ride it was funny because he got in trouble and couldn’t ride anymore. We went back on the zipper and those…show more content…
But she got me in line and right when we got to the front of the line someone threw up it smelled so bad. This year the same thing happened but not to us we were in the back of the line and someone threw up and they had to get water to rinse it out and they had to run it again and again to dry it out and it flung water and when it did that everyone moved out the way. When autumns friends was in line we would all ways cute them once one of them jumped over the barricade in the zipper line and he got in trouble and couldn’t ride but his brother talked to the worker and they could ride again. When I was in line for the zipper on Friday we autumn and Nat I went to show the worker my wristband and it wasn’t their but they remembered my face and let me ride but they found a broken one, and they gave me that one while ride was going I had to hold on to the wristband for dear life because it wouldn’t snap back on but I kept it in my hand. After the ride I had to go get a new one and they gave me a new one so everything was ok. That was my best pecan
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