Reflective Essay: I Was The Best Teacher

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When most people think back to their grade school teachers there is usually one that stands out the most. For me it’s the best teacher I’ve ever had, for some it’s the worst teacher they’ve ever had. Mrs. Bartley, a name that stands out when I think about the best teacher, because she pushed us to show us what we were capable of, she taught with a good attitude and she made sure everybody fully understood before we started to work on our assignments.
One reason Mrs. Bartley was the best teacher I’ve ever had was because she pushed us to show us how much we could really do. One thing she did was come around to your desk if your were struggling and if you told her you couldn’t do it she would tell you to do it anyways and if you got it correct she would continue to give you harder problems to show you that you could do it. Even if you got the problem wrong she would work with you until you
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Bartley pushing us she also always taught with a good attitude. She actually made school fun and not seem like a chore, and her attitude made you as passionate about school as she was. One of the things she used to do was stand up in front of the class and act out examples and have students act out examples of whatever she was teaching and it always made learning the topic a lot more fun. Another thing she would so was if you made a mistake she wouldn’t call you out and embarrass you she would say, “ A few mistakes you could make are…” and use yours as an example or she would say “ A few mistakes I’ve made in the past are..” and it seemed like it really helped you realize the mistakes you were making and how to fix them. Also if you were struggling she would write out step by step how to do the problem and walk by and casually set it on your desk so you wouldn’t be embarrassed when she sat down next to you and explained it. Mrs. Bartley had a lot of teaching techniques that were all very helpful and those are just a few I can remember her using the
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