My Last Vacation In My Life

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Vacations are a good way to see the world and have quality time with your family.The first vacation I ever went on was a week long trip to Colorado. The long drive was made shorter by visiting some landmarks on the way. About two years after the trip to Colorado, I went on a three week trip to California with my grandparents. It took us a week to get down there after all the stops we made to see my grandparent’s friends. The most recent vacation I went on was an 11 day trip to Hawaii. The warm weather and towering mountains were an amazing sight. Vacations create memories that last a lifetime. Going to Colorado when I was seven was the first time that I can remember going out of state. Sitting in a car with my parents and my grandma for 9…show more content…
This vacation is important to me because it was the first time my whole family has gone on a vacation together since my little sister was born. When we first got there it was very cloudy and rainy so we couldn 't do much for the first day. On the second day it was still cloudy, but it was not rainy so we went out and laid on the beach and swan in the ocean all day until it was time for lunch. After another day of laying on the beach we finally started to go around and see what was on the island. We went to the east side of the island where the waves were the biggest and saw a little cove that we needed to climb into. Inside this cove was a long cave that I decided to go into. Little did I know we were in cockroach cove and the cave was infested with cockroaches. As soon as I realized that I was surrounded by cockroaches I sprinted out of the cave and never went near it again. The next day we went to the west side of the island where the waves were still big, but not as big as the East. While on the West side, we went to Turtle Beach. While on Turtle Beach, we got to go snorkeling and we saw a sea turtle come into shore to rest on the beach. The next day we stayed at Waikiki Beach all day and had a rest day before the next big day. After our rest day, we went to Sea Life Park to see the animals and swim with dolphins. Sea Life Park was cool because it was where 50 First Dates was filmed. After swimming with the dolphins we went back to Waikiki and I tried boogie boarding for the first time. As our vacation went on we started to do different things like hiking. The first mountain we hiked was called Koko Head. The hike consist of twelve hundred steps. My six year old sister, my aunt, and I all made it up and my parents gave up after about half the hike. On the last day of our vacation we relaxed on the beach before getting on a plane for eight hours and getting back to
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