How Did Joseph Priestley Impact The World

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PREPARATION My biology hero, Joseph Priestley, really impacted the world. He impacted the world by discovering oxygen, inventing sparkling water, and helping his colleagues contribute to electricity. Many people do not appreciate and recognize him as much as Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, etc. Joseph Priestley showed his intelligence as an child by studying math, logic, metaphysics, and philosophy. He also fluently spoke six languages. Back then, that was a lot of knowledge, especially for a kid. He also discovered 10 very important gases: Nitric Oxide, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide (Laughing Gas), Hydrogen Chloride, Ammonia, Sulfur Dioxide, Silicon Tetrafluoride, Nitrogen, Carbon Monoxide, and last but not least, Oxygen. This fantastic work rewarded him with a Copley Medal. He also proved that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Antoine Lavoisier and Carl Scheele tried to steal credit, but Joseph made sure that didn’t happen. In 1774, Joseph Priestley’s friend, Theophilus Lindsey, decided to found a new religion, called unitarianism, which he later joined. William Petty was a unitarian, that knew Joseph Priestley very well, and was also extremely wealthy. Since he was a colleague of Joseph Priestley, he built a laboratory just for him. When Priestley died, he had written…show more content…
His family were successful wool cloth makers. Priestley proved his intelligence as a young kid by studying four advanced subjects : Metaphysics, math, logic, and philosophy. He also knew 6 languages, including greek, latin, and hebrew. I think he proved himself worthy of being a famous biologist just by learning all of this at a young kid. Most kids did not know that back then, and a lot of kids now wouldn’t know those subjects. Also, most adults don’t know 6 languages, and I am pretty positive the majority of the world did not know that many languages as a young kid or

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