My Blinn TEAM Experience

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Because of the amount of experience and knowledge that I have gained throughout the course of being a member of Blinn TEAM, I think that it is fair to say that I am a seasoned and worth-while contestant to transfer into Texas A&M. Being on Blinn TEAM has taught me a different level of time management, prioritization, and dedication that I believe fully enrolled Texas A&M or Blinn students do not have the opportunity to experience. Not only am I a Blinn TEAM student- I am a member of the Corps of Cadets, a New Student Conference Orientation Leader, and a student worker. I have ingrained myself to Texas A&M not only academically, but by plunging myself into the culture and tradition. Because of my involvement, and the valuable lessons that…show more content…
While TEAM is meant to be a form of transition from the high school to university setting, I still struggled with the rigor of the courses, which honestly, walking into the first time, I underestimated. But I adapted and learned from those around me- I asked for advice from more experienced students, I talked to academic counselors, I spoke to professors, trying to get a grasp of what it was that I needed to do to be successful. My first semester was a semester of trial and error; I learned a lot, despite my resulting grades saying otherwise. I learned what it took to be successful, that I couldn 't just go through the motions. I learned one of the most important lessons of my college career thus far, and it is this- in order to be successful here (at Texas A&M), you must immerse yourself in every lesson, every lecture, every class. Everything must be 100%, and not a second should go to waste. Each moment is a moment to learn and to better yourself and your knowledge. There will be concepts that you just don 't understand, and when that road block is reached, immediate action must be taken; there 's a commonly spoken line that I never really listened to until recently, and that line is, "don 't be afraid to ask for help!" I 'm not afraid anymore, because I learned that you genuinely cannot succeed by
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