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Ashleigh Balsamo’s September 7 2015, The Breeze article, titled “My Body, My Business,” is all about the how a senior media arts major copes with her problems. Ashleigh Balsamo talks about the relationship that she has with her tattoos- her coping mechanism. She talks about how tattoos are a personal form of expression and should be respected as much. Many students may agree with this but others might not. Balsamo supported her ideas and thoughts about her passion for tattoos enough through her word choice, tone, personal experiences, and quotes so that every student should understand this passion. Throughout the article, you see that Balsamo isn’t biased toward having tattoos or not. You see this when she says, “If you don’t want a tattoo,…show more content…
Balsamo explains why she got her two tattoos. She says, “After experiencing the hardest year of my life and learning to cope with my diagnosis of severe anxiety disorder, I decided to get the word “breathe” on my wrist” (Balsamo 1). As a reader, you start feeling emotional for her and what she has went through. You start to realize why she wrote this article in the first place. She wanted people to understand why people may have tattoos and that they shouldn’t be judged for having one. The deeper message that she wants the reader to get out of this is everyone has a story and how they cope with these problems is there business and there business only. This is what I got out of the article at least. By talking about these different topics that were related to her self might be the reason she came off as defensive as well as a little sensitive at some…show more content…
How she relayed the message to the readers were very smart in the fact that she was unbiased. This was an article that anyone could read and it wasn’t just pointed to a particular group of people. Her personal experiences throughout the story made us sympathize for her, which is another great tactic that she used. Her tone throughout the story are both defensive and sympathetic which, again, pull you into the story even further. Ultimately, I do think that the message that Balsamo was trying to make came across to the readers. In other words, I think that after reading this article, people could have changed their mind on the whole idea of whether or not tattoos define you as a person, and in the end, that’s all Balsamo wanted to

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