My Body Your Body Lloyd Newson Analysis

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Lloyd newson, director, Clara van gool, director. Superficially amicable.Based in a pub it 's about pub life. The hierarchy are clear, any non conformity is stamped out. Classical Greek name (masculinity implied).Use of repetitive movements to represent crowds. Use of music to add a sense of tension to the piece. Use of fluid physical movement to represent a masculine fight but the fluidity of the movement reduces the aggression of the movement. The locAtion is necessary to tell the story as words are hardly used. The shape of the sace also facilitates the movement. The larger group only accept someone once they agree to behave in the way they accept. They immediately pick on the next person to enter their space who doesn 't fit their norms…show more content…
Lloyd Newson formed DV8 in 1986 because of his dissatisfaction with the use of themes and ral social commentary in contemporary dance. He saw that audiences were being ‘conned about the depth’ of most dance, which he felt was ‘generally superficial’; concerned only with 'aesthetics over content '. The first piece Newson created with the company was titled My Sex, Our Dance (1986); it examined the AIDS epidemic and ‘investigated the idea of trust, both emotionally and physically, between two gay men’. It toured the UK. A significant piece for the company was My Body, Your Body (1987), which ‘explored the psychology of women who seek out relationships with abusive men’. It was inspired by an audio recording of a dear female friend of Newson’s and the book, Women Who Love Too Much. In 1988, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men was the first of several made into films by the company. The BBC film version of Enter Achilles (1995) won a Prix Italia and an International Emmy Award in 1997, while The Happiest Day of My Life (1999) won the Timeout Set Design of the Year.DV8’s most recent work, JOHN (2014) follows the life-story of a man, the eponymous title character, played by Hannes Langolf. It traces his criminality, drug use, personal relationships, efforts at rehabilitation and desire to lead an ordinary life. co-produced with the National Theatre, it was broadcast by the NT Live programme.12th January 2016, the company announced that artistic director Lloyd Newson was taking time
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