My Brooklyn Speech Analysis

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I wish I had a camera to document my father 's reaction to the documentary My Brooklyn. The look of nostalgia shifted constantly from being twisted with anger, disappointment, and regret. I think this article is a great companion piece to the documentary as it talks about Fort Greene and Fulton Mall. It also talks about Spike Lee 's speech briefly, which is an interesting thing to focus on when it comes to Rhetoric. I found his speech quite inspirational, and I felt the same anger he felt with each colorful curse word he used, all though I wish he would have used the other curse words instead of just “motherfuckin”. I feel like his speech would have touched more if he didn 't cram it with the same expletives. It makes it a little numb. But I understand he was angry, and…show more content…
Their noses are always stuck in their mac books as they sip their Starbuck’s coffee (which used to be the stationery store), without a single clue of what the neighborhood was before their arrival It 's the same blatant disconnect as the people in My Brooklyn, and they really are like that. The filmmaker asked my fellow neighbors about Fulton Mall, and the white people were dismissive of it, while the blacks were appreciative of it’s history despite no longer shopping there. I was the same, as I frequent Fulton Mall with my family, and hung out there after school. Me and my sister used to joke about never finding anything on Fulton. But we still loved it none the less. Just like how we loved Crown Fried Chicken, a staple in the ghetto, but shunned in affluent Prospect Heights. The media is painting this picture of the positives of gentrification only. Just like in My Brooklyn, I remember one of the comments on the topic of gentrification saying something along the lines of "You should be happy that people want to come into your neighborhood and make it better." The assumption was that Fulton Mall was unsuccessful, but the truth is stranger and more hurtful than the fiction that the media
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