My Brother Sam Is Dead Analysis

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While most certainly brutal and violent, the results of war can be either positive or negative. On one side, countless lives are lost; on the other side, principles are upheld or won, and a new country now has the opportunity to prosper. For instance, the American Revolution. Beginning around 1775 and ending in 1783, the United States of America declared independence from Great Britain and became its own country. growing, prospering, and eventually going on to become the global superpower it is today. Like any other war, much of the damage and casualties resulted from civilian deaths when the raging armies swept through the colonies. The Loyalists- those who supported Great Britain and King George- and the Patriots- those who supported the principles of freedom and independence- alike were both hurt, killed, imprisoned, or otherwise dragged into the war, even when they did not join the army for either side. The Collier brothers use various instances of deaths throughout the storyline of My Brother Sam is Dead to show how the injustices and violences of war inherently manifest themselves. The irony of Jerry Sanford, Eliphalet Meeker, and Samuel Meeker’s deaths ultimately induce Tim to make the decision to remain neutral for the duration of the American Revolution.
The method used by the British to dispose of Jeremiah Sanford’s body is extremely ruthless, and the psychological message provokes Tim to develop a deep hatred of war. After the news reaches Redding, Betsy Read,
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