My Brother Sam Is Dead Book Report

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The book My Brother Sam is Dead was a book about about named Tim. He lived during the time of the Revaloutionary War. The book was very accurate towards actual events that happened during the war. When the war started Tim’s brother Sam joins the Patriots to fight. His family are loyalist and his father disapproves of him joining the rebels. Their dad kicks Sam out and he joins the army. Sam took their dads gun to fight with. Tim, His dad, and his mother are left to run to the tavern that their family owns. The war continues on and supplies become scarce.Sam had come back to town and was staying in one of their neighbors houses. Some rebels show up to take all of the towns guns and weapons. Since Sam took the gun their dad tells them that they don’t…show more content…
He ran into the cowboys and tricked them into thinking that they had set up an ambush to scare them away. He got back home, but his dad never came back. He came to the realization that they probably put him on a prison ship and that they would release him when the war was over.
Him and his mother were left to run the tavern by themselves. This ws very accurate because, during the war most of the men went to fight, so the women and children had to do most of the work. About a year later they found our that his dad had died on a prison ship. Some troops from the rebel army came to stay in their town for the winter. Sam was among these troops. Some soldiers took their cows and blamed it on Sam. They took Sam prisiner and blamed him for doing it.
This book was very accurate to the actual war. there many places and things mentioned that were in the war such as Valley Forge, New York, Prison ships, troops, generals, etc…
If you are interested in reading this book, I would reccomend reading it. It was a fun book to read, and I think people should read it because, It gives you a further understanding of the
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