My Brother Sam Is Dead By The Collier Brothers

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The Novel My Brother Sam Is Dead by the Collier Brothers is about a boy named Tim during the American Revolution. His brother Sam, a Patriot rebel who joined the militia, walked into the tavern in Redding, Connecticut. Their father, Eliphalet, is a Loyalist who doesn’t like Sam’s actions. They argue and Sam leaves the tavern to fight. It is like Sam and Father are at war against each other. The War is impacting their family because Eliphalet kicked Sam out of the house for being a Patriot. (Pg. 22)
While Sam and Father are on two different sides of the war, Tim, the narrator of the story, doesn’t know what side he is on. At Verplancks Point, New York, an urban city, when asked if he was a Patriot or a Loyalist, Tim knew that whatever he said
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