My Brother Sam Is Dead Character Analysis

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War, What is it Good For?

“In June of 1777, we found out that Father was dead” ( Collier and Collier 164). How would people feel if half their family died in a war? They would go through all sorts of emotions and changes, just like Tim throughout the book. Tim is the main character in the book and people see how he sees the good and bad of both the British and the Patriots. The second main character is of course, none other than the telling point master, Sam Meeker! The main plot of the story is the journey of a thirteen year old boy who has to choose either his brother or his own family and the jarring realizations of the Revolutionary War that began in 1775 of April. In the book, My Brother Sam Is Dead, by James and Christopher Collins,
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For example, when Sam and Mr. Meeker get in a fight about how the war is reckless but also that people need to fight for their freedom and independence from Great Britain. There is a side from a person who already experienced what happens and the consequences in war but also a side from a youth's point of view to fight for rights and die for your county. “ A month later everybody’s forgotten it-except the wives and children of the men who’ve managed to get themselves killed.”

“Sir, it’s worth dying to be free” (Collier and Collier 7.) Another differences in generations is when Yale students get the weapons to fight for the war. The patriots needed more people to fight so they got the students and told them to get as much weapons they could get. “ Yale students did rush away to get weapons and join the war” ( Collier and Collier 214.) Those was some explanations and quotes to show why clash of generations was one of the minor
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There were lots of principles vs reality so for instance, how Mr. Meeker gets taken by Rebels who thought he was delivering beef to the British. Even though he was a Torie, Life died in a British prison ship. “In June of that year, 1777, we found out that Father was dead” (Collier and Collier.) The second reason is when Sam dies. That was way obvious but the way he died was very different. He did not die in war or in battle, he was killed or more like executed by his own team. There were people about to steal his own cattle so he went after them. After a few minutes have passed, Sam is arrested for stealing his own cows! There was a “prison” he was in before he was being sentenced for stealing his own cattle. After a few days, his execution was to be shot in the chest. “He went on jerking with flames on his chest until another soldier shot him again. Then he stopped jerking” (Collier and Collier 208.) Another person who died in the book is a ten year old boy named Jerry Sanford. He was taken by the British because of no reason. They may have took him because they thought he was a double agent or just was at the wrong place at the wrong time. They take him but he later dies from a disease and gets thrown into the ocean in a weighted sack. That does not make sense at all because he is still a little boy. “You can understand why they took Mr. Rogers or Captain Betts, but why imprison a ten-year-old
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