My Brother Sam Is Dead Futile Quotes

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In My Brother Sam is Dead the authors prove that war is futile. War is futile means that war is pointless or, not producing any useful product. One of the points that proves war is futile is it confuses reality with principle. Secondly war creates the youth against the elders, a clash of generations. Lastly the most devastating point that proves war is futile is it tears families apart. Although in My Brother Sam is Dead it is unclear what side the authors are on; ultimately they argue that war is futile. Throughout My Brother Sam is Dead the authors shows how reality and principle can be confused in a war time. Many times in My Brother Sam is Dead Sam believes in principle but his father tries to explain wars grim reality. On page twenty-two it states, “Principle, Sam? You may know principle, Sam, but I know war”, (Collier and Collier 21). This quote shows …show more content…

In In the novel differences collide because Mr. Meeker and Sam are on opposing sides of the war. Mr. Meeker is loyal to the British king but Sam believes in rebellion and is a patriot. The text states, “When I woke up somebody was shouting. I sat up in bed. It was Father. I couldn't hear the words, but I could hear the sound—his heavy, hard voice going on and on. Then there was Sam's voice and he was shouting, too, and then Father again”, (Collier and Collier). It also creates death which results in permanently split families apart. This shows how war tears and breaks families apart. Splitting families apart is the final reason why war is futile. Although it is not clear which side the authors are on they ultimately argue that war is futile. In the novel My Brother Sam is Dead it shows many points that prove that war futile. One point is that it confuses people with reality and principle. It also creates a clash of generations and splits families apart. With the evidence of these points we have concluded that war is

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