My Brother Sam Is Dead Research Paper

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Then the clash of generations like adults and teens students and adults then children and adults and sam how the adults want to stay there in peaceIn My Brother Sam Is Dead although both sides of war are shown author 's collier and collier ultimately argue that war is unfair and hard.Like In the war it affected families and tore them apart.they also clash with generations like with adults and tennagers.then principals vs reallity principals as in sam fighting for freedom and reallity like all the horrible deaths.this is the kind of stuff that hapened in My Brother Sam Is Dead whille the revoloutionary war. In My Brother Sam Is Dead there is a lot of conflict in families during the war which leads into divided families.In the book…show more content…
Also principle vs reality principals meaning am fighting for freedom then reality where It 's all the horrible deaths. Like the reality when ned is captured then beheaded by soldiers.Also when Mr.Meker is captured then he dies on a british ship.then when sam goes to get caddle and he is captured by cowboys then he is executed.Also when jerry stanford was captured and he was the only one not let go as hostage and then died on a prison ship. Then when sam It 's fighting for freedom like when he goes home then reenlists in the army just to fight for his freedom . That 's why I think that war is unfair hard and futile. And those are the many reasons why war is all that type of stuff. Then the evidence that shows the clash of generations division of families and principle vs reality. And that 's how it affected families and generations and brutalities and freedom.So thats what happened in the revoulationery war in My Brother Sam
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