My Brother's Addiction To Music

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Everyone is an addict. That does not necessarily mean that we are all capable of acting unlawfully. Addiction can present itself in many different forms. Whether it is fighting the urge to impulsively buy at the register or struggling the desire to desperately savor the last drop of alcohol. Individuals may display different reactions to their addictions. For instance, my brother has an obsession with music. Some individuals would believe that he just likes listening to any kind of music genre and that is what makes him an addict. However, His addiction to music is utterly distinctive. It was a necessity for Jeffrey to frequently play one track as he gears up his uniform for deployment. This melody remained incredibly valuable to him right before a long run or an important event.…show more content…
On the other hand, I sympathized for him. He confidently attaches all of his insignias to his uniform as the song is playing. When it stops, he lets out a massive sigh and plays it again. The song turned him into an immaculate, confident, brave, and selfless soldier. As soon as the song finishes and the device readies itself to play the next song there is a moment of silence. In that moment, he looks frightened, restless, and regretful. Who knew, a simple tune can reach deep into the soul of a person. Now, my addictions are similar to my brother’s, it maintains my sanity. I can relate myself to the article, “Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction”, however, I have practiced a few techniques that has tamed my
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